ASMR Alysaa,难以置信的睡眠触发器,放松缓解压力

轩子助眠 2020-8-14 657

ASMR Tingly & Unpredictable Triggers | For Sleep, Chill, Stress Relief | 24/7 Stream
This is a asmr live stream 24/7. For your relaxation. Play it in the background, sleep to it, or sit and watch for tingles any hour of the day! This 24/7 stream is updated monthly. 
This is a Pre-recorded 24/7 Stream. I am not Actually here right now, but the chat feature is open so my viewers can talk to each other. From time to time I will stop in and say hello and answer questions in the chat. I run this  24/7 stream for those of you who like long content and putting things on in the background with less annoying ads. The 24/7  stream runs on my house computer and it does cost me money to keep the stream up and running. So please consider making a donation to help keep it up and running if you enjoy having it.


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